Maranello House

This is my Daughters car. It was supposed to be mine but as soon as she seen it she claimed it. She was 2 at the time.

This is it just after I got it home in 2004. I bought it from a man from Belfast who was on TV, a certain MR McCarrigle who is currently doing a TV doc of his 1080 day trip around the world.The little car is in very good condition and at the time of buying it all it needed was a good clean and a little bit of tidying.

 When I got it home I stripped out the rubber floor and gave the floor pan a good coat of chassis black to preserve it.


This is it once the rubber mat had been cleaned and put back in.

The seats were the next thing to get a good cleaning. I took the front ones out to do it. 


Once the car was cleaned and tidied up a little I took her to a couple of shows, It wasn't long before the clutch started to slip. It was just old age and sitting in a garage for 4 years. A very easy job to change and the best way to do it is to drop the engine and gearbox out as one then split it. I had the whole job done in 2 hours and that included cleaning the engine and box.

Engine is placed on the trolley jack but as you can see I used a large piece of wood to cushion and steady the engine.

Engine out and gearbox off.


I had a brainwave about fitting a new type of power plant but was told I might have problems with the mot.

I decided to clean the engine bay instead ready for the engine to go back in.