Lancia integrale Evolution 2

02/11/2011. I sold my "Edizione Maranello House" Evo only a week ago and I had absolutely no intention of buying anything else let alone another Evo, a '2' this time, but a very close friend decided to sell his car tonight and offered it to me. I couldn't refuse. Its a 1994 16v Evo2. It originally looked like this.


but currently looks like this.

13/11. The Evo arrived at the house today courtesy of my mate Vincent.

And it was straight into the garage.

Were do you start. Probably by emptying the boot.

19/11. Today was the first chance I got to empty the car out. Everything was taken out apart from the dash as it doesn't need to come out. 

I got the front and rear screens out along with all the door trim and window frames.

 My friend vincent came today with the engine to so that's everything here now belonging to the car.

One of my worries at the moment in the drivers seat. Its a bit worn. Hopefully the guys from Club Lancia will be able to help me source new material to get it recovered.

20/11. Ok so we have to go back a bit to explain what needed to be done and what's been done.

We'll start with the rusty bits. The main parts were the sills,

The rear panel.


And the front inner arches.

2 other areas were rust had got hold were the drivers side door pillar.

The rear drivers and passenger side corners.

And a hole in the floor.

Vincent sent the car to a proffessional body repair specialist to have all the work carried out using original Lancia parts where needed. A new rear panel was fitted. 

New sills both inner and outer fitted.

Rear arches were looked at and work done to make sure all the work was as original.

The front inner wings had new metal set in.

The door post had new metal set in.

Both rear corners had new metal fitted.

And both rear turrets had work carried out.

I've listed all the major work that was carried out and actually that's pretty much all of the work the body required. The tailgate was quite bad but Vincent bought a good used one that will be going on the car. going by the caliber of work the guys have carried out so far I doubt I'll find much else needing done with the body. So that is the build up to date now.  

26/11. Busy day today. I ground down some of the welds to smooth them out. then the car was lifted so I can work underneath.

I was then able to clean off anything on the underside.

Once I had everything cleaned up I then stone chipped and primed the underside.

With the front wings off it gave me a great opportunity to give both front inner wings a couple of heavy coats of stone chip and primer.

It also allowed me to get 3 good coats on the bottom half of the engine bay as well as up under the areas of the front top panel that are never seen and often neglected. I didn't want to do the top half of the engine bay with stone chip as it doesn't give a smoth finish which is what I want for that area.

03/12. Painted the underneath of the car the same colour the rest of it is going to be. I do this with most of the cars I restore as I believe it helps to preserve the underneath by acting as a further barrier to stop the elements sticking to it. It looks well to I think. I also painted all the black and off silver bits. Ok it takes a bit more time but I beleive in presentation as much as having everything right. You can probably se the brake pipes are covered in paint to. I am replacing all the pipes so wasn't concerned about them getting covered.

Oh and you can see if you look at the back cradle its not painted. I have to raise the car the same as I did at the front to paint the rear. I painted the bottom half of the engine bay (top half to be done yet) and both front inner wings.

26/01. Work has stopped on the Evo at the moment as I'm concentrating on getting the Panda finished but I did get the timing kit and balance belts today. I'm planning on leaving the engine down to a specialist friend who knows his way around them.